Creating genetic algorithm applications is easier than ever before.

A Genetic algorithm (GA) is the offspring of Charles Darwin’s theory of natural evolution. The algorithm is built around the idea of natural selection where individuals in a population reproduce in the hopes of producing better offspring. This process continues for multiple generations, in hopes of producing the desired result.

Designing a flight control system using a genetic algorithm instead of a predetermined mathematical model.


The purpose of the study was to design a flight control system with no pre-determined mathematical model, but instead using a genetic algorithm to maintain the optimal altitude. The study is done through a quantitative empirical research method. In the process of conducting the research, we found that programming a…

Letting your processor subcontract to its onboard PIO.

Many makers today are using their processors incorrectly when it comes to stepper motors. Stepper motors require PWM signals which requires a series of high and low signals with delays in-between. This process can halt your processor from completing other necessary tasks like signal processing or decision making for robots.

A quick and easy way to setup your first python package. All code needed is included in the tutorial.

File structure needed:

For our example we will be making the EasyNumberMNIST package. Below is the file and folder structure:

├── EasyNumberMNIST
│ ├──
│ └──

To make the tree output clear, you will need a folder with 2 files and 1 folder in the main…

Daniel Wilczak

Dedicated college student who loves to write simple code for everyone. Passion to make machine learning for everyone.

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